I’m delighted to welcome ‘s guest blogger, Sandra Collins, who today shares her 7 steps to building a ‘personal brand’.

Sandra spent 20 years in corporate life, working with sales, leadership and coaching.

Over the years she developed a real desire to combine her passion for developing and coaching people with her love of clothes, style and colour.

Sandra noticed that so much of who we are is caught up in self esteem and confidence.

This is then reflected in how we form relationships, both at work and socially and the impact we have on others.

So the idea for Totally You Consulting was born.  Sandra helps clients bring out the very best of themselves, based on their life style and natural physical shape.

Totally You Consulting with Alyson Reay at Just leave it with me

Your Unconscious Brand – What do others see?

YOU are your business – the most important and influential element of your company.

 That is why your personal brand is so important! It is the ‘Emotional Finger Print’ you leave on others – the thoughts that your brand stirs up when people think of your business.

7 steps to building a Personal Brand.

1.      Who are you?

Know what do you stand for? Understand you own personality, your values, strengths, skills and natural style. Are you naturally confident and outgoing, or do you need to take time to get to know people?

2.      First Impressions – you have 7 seconds!

Yes first impressions count – in those first 7 seconds people will form an opinion – 58% of that is based on what they see, 38% on your actions/body language and only 7% on what you say! Research suggests that it will take 20 further experiences with somebody to change a first impression.

3.      Dress like you mean it!

Clothes tell others a lot about us, they are clues to our personality and key to creating the desired impact – do they show that you have made an effort? They should align with:

  • Your personality
  • Your client expectations
  • The situation or environment
  • Your objectives for the meeting

4.      Non verbal actions – body language

Body language speaks volumes! There are some of the obvious signs such as:

  • The handshake – how many of us shiver a little at a ‘wet fish’ handshake?
  • A welcoming smile – it lights up the face and sends out great positive vibes!
  • Good eye contact – showing that we are engaged.

However, are you also conscious of your facial expressions? Do you frown when you are thinking or concentrating? How might other interpret your facial expressions?

5.      Voice Quality

How clearly do you speak? Can other hear you? What about your voicemail? Have you phoned yourself recently to check that you sound clear and professional? It is often not so much WHAT you say as HOW you say it!

6.      Social Skills & Visibility

Social skills are always on show, especially when networking. By being interested in others you will naturally be a more interesting person – people love you to be interested in them. Remember pervious conversations, things your customers have told you about themselves and what is going on for them.

 What can you do to be more visible in a positive way? Find ways to reinforce who you are (your brand) with your customers and contacts rather than leaving it to chance.

7.      Consistency

This is where so many fall down. Unless you take control of the perceptions of others you will have an inconsistent brand.

 Know who you are – the REAL YOU

 Know what you want others to see

 Live your brand

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