Did you get it? If you are wondering what this blog will be about, you are not alone, but there will be some of you who will have already guessed what it is.

‘Did you get it?’ and ‘You are not alone’ are two subject headings that get consistently high open rates for email marketing, so I thought I would try sending out a mailing with the same title as this blog.

Email marketing allows you to communicate with your database of people who have taken an interest in you and your business, but who may not be ready to buy, or even request a proposal… yet.

They may not be people who will ever buy from you, but they may know someone who might.

Everyone who goes to the trouble of preparing an email wants their recipients to open it, read it and maybe forward it to friends and business associates to help spread the word of who you are, and what you are offering.

Choosing the right heading is the first step. It needs to stand out from all the other emails competing for attention.

Email headings that achieve high open percentage rates have been crafted with at least one of the following features.


  • are short and snappy
  • are controversial and attention grabbing
  • contain a high-ranking keyword phrase
  • contain a number, such as ‘3 top tips…’
  • have a clear call to action
  • are topical by date, season or news
  • convey a sense of urgency
  • use the known favourites.

But it is important that your readers don’t feel they have been fooled into opening the message, otherwise they will quickly unsubscribe from your mailing list.

There is useful analysis available on the best days, and times of day, to send out your mailing to maximise its impact but, as usual, just doing it is half the battle.

Email marketing can be an effective engagement tool for businesses, not-for-profit organisations, membership groups and charities to raise their profile and promote services, offers, and appeals.

If you need help with your email marketing programme for 2013, please contact me.

Oh, and if you are interested in how successful my You are not alone email was, I would say that it did very well… despite being sent out on a Monday, the worst day of the week, and in the week when everyone was clearing their workload for the Christmas break.

Although, ultimately, success is measured in enquiries and sales generated by the email, the initial measurement is two-fold, the number of different people who open your mail, and the number who then click through on a link from your email to your website. These figures are expressed as percentages of your total mailing list number, and can be compared against industry averages.

I compare mine against consultants with an open rate of 14.9% and a click through rate of 10.6%, and professional services with 16.5% and 11.1% respectively.

My You are not alone mail received a high open rate of 56%, but a slightly disappointing click through rate of 9.1%, much less than my previous email sent on a better day in a normal business week.

But I already have a plan for increasing my click through rate next time, so please join my mailing list if you are interested to know more.