You know that Monday evening feeling? Monday is not traditionally a big evening for going out, is it? Usually after a busy Monday I am more than happy to just collapse on the sofa and catch up on a bit of TV, after all I’ve generally just had a sociable weekend and it’s nice having a quiet evening in sometimes.

That is exactly how I was feeling last Monday evening. But I had the monthly meeting of The Horsley Network in my calendar. I always enjoy our gatherings when I am there, meeting some lovely people with great local businesses. And how ironic would it be for me not to find the ‘get up and go’ when the topic for the evening was motivation?

Our speaker, Philip, has an engaging style and soon the energy in the room was picking up as he led a discussion on what motivation means to us. Philip provided examples and shared some techniques on how to nourish our intrinsic motivation to achieve personal and business goals.

My personal favourite top three tips from that evening are:

1) Set a positive soundtrack to your life

How about gathering a collection of uplifting and empowering songs on your MP3 player ready to play in your car or at your desk? You know, those songs that never fail to bring you energy and uplift your mood, all in one place for just when you need them. Music is known to have physical and psychological benefits, improve our wellbeing and affect our mood. So choose well and let that mood be full of energy, inspiration and motivation.

2) Determine ‘why?’ 

Motivation isn’t about ‘what’, it is about ‘why’. It is so easy to get bogged down in detail, or excuses, and lose sight of the reasons why we have set a particular goal.

The ‘why’ may sometimes be a ‘who’, as doing it for someone else brings motivation through the sense of making a contribution to our team or community, be they business or personal. Philip gave us a cracking, and moving, example of finding motivation through doing it for someone else.

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing and why you are trying to achieve that goal.

3) Create a dream board

A bit like a mood board that designers use, why not put together a visual and inspirational reminder of what motivates and uplifts you?

I’m busy gathering pictures for my own collage dream board. Of course I could do this online with clever digital graphics, but there is something so much more satisfying about using scissors and glue!

So far there are a lot of beautiful ocean shots, from the beach and underwater, from wonderful scuba diving trips that must be repeated. And of course there is my ‘who’…..

Where do you find your motivational nourishment?

The Horsley Network is a not-for-profit community group that gathers local business owners together for the sharing of ideas, support and inspiration in a social environment, without the need to count referrals and generate new business.

Philip Banfield is the Managing Director of Venturefield, a commercial consulting and outsourcing company, with expertise in the retail, leisure and consumer goods sector.