Have you taken the plunge yet? Have you used Facebook Live on your Facebook business page?

I’ve only recently gone live… not quite at the leading edge I know, but I was hesitant. I don’t like seeing myself on video, so I assumed no-one else would either.

Facebook live authenticity, Sassy Social MarketingBut that kind of thinking doesn’t move any of us any further forward, so on an impulse on Monday, I pushed that boundary and I made my first Facebook Live broadcast.

And it went okay. Lots of room for improvement of course, but not a bad start for the brave new Alyson.

So now I urge you to ‘go live’ too. I hear the groans… another thing for that ever growing social media To Do list. The latest shiny new time suck.

Why bother?

1)   Because Facebook is prioritising Live Videos. 

I knew that Facebook is backing video posts by prioritising them in their algorithms, yet I was truly impressed with the statistics for my first live video post. Facebook is ranking these live video posts even higher than other videos, so both my reach and engagement for that post exceeded other recent posts by more than 10 times. And not just that, my overall page statistics remained high for the rest of the week.

2)   Because you get a real time opportunity for two way interaction with viewers. 

We all know how important engagement is in social media. Our timelines are full of broadcast messages, and sometimes it seems like wading through treacle trying to get your Facebook page fans to engage with your posts. But it’s so much easier with Facebook live video.

It is recommended that you make your recording long enough to give your fans a chance to start watching and engaging. Start by introducing yourself with a little scene setting. A notification will go out that you are live (remember this reach is higher than usual). Anyone already there on Facebook who sees this notification can watch live, and they can start reacting in real time.

You have the opportunity to welcome your viewers as they join, and thank them for their likes, loves and laughing faces which show on your screen. The more they enjoy it the more they will tap those emoji icons to encourage you. They can also leave comments, so don’t forget to ask questions that they can respond to, in order to have a two way dialogue. The more engagement you have, the more attractive the post is going to look for those page visitors who view it later, giving an opportunity for a second wave of engagement. Check the statistics after your first post and I am sure you will be as encouraged as I was!

3)   Because it is all about authenticity.

There’s that word again. I’m all about being authentic on social media. People want to get to know the personality behind the brand in small business. The unscripted, fly by the seat of your pants nature of live video streaming means your viewers get to see the real you. While sharing news, top tips and helpful advice, you are also sharing yourself. You are giving viewers a rare opportunity to get to know you, flaws and all.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being real. I am lucky enough to work only with clients I feel a real connection with, whose brands I love. And clients want to be able to know, like and trust the business they are spending their hard earned pounds with. Facebook live offers that opportunity to build trust.

So, give it a go, and let me know how you get on.

And remember, keep it real, don’t worry about being good… aspire to be authentic.

If we have not already connected on Facebook you can find me on Alyson Reay at Sassy Social Marketing.