Just 4 weeks ago, The Tin of Sin was launched.

Laura often refers to The Tin of Sin as her baby, and so the first baby steps were taken.

Tin of Sin NTW2013Lifeblood, The Thrombosis Charity, during National Thrombosis Week.

Guests commented how unusual and stylish it was, and tucked into the secret stash inside.

On the same day, the social media case study began.

How much interest can one product generate on Twitter and Facebook?

It has been a low key launch. A low budget launch!

The first 4 weeks have seen more interest on Twitter than Facebook. Maybe the platform better allows for the relaxed banter about what the ‘Sin’ might be?  Certainly some curiosity has been piqued. And a few orders have been placed.

The first sale of 5 Tins of Sin when to a busy working Mum, who excitedly exclaimed that it solved the perennial problem of birthday gifts for her teenage daughter’s friends. Fill one with their favourite sweets, and they are delighted with their own special ‘tuck box’!

I see the Facebook page coming into its own when recipients are invited to share their pictures in response to the ‘What’s in your Tin of Sin?’ question.

Okay, it’s just a tin. But this is no ordinary tin. It is so much more than a tin. It is a concept.

This was proven this week when The Tin of Sin went to its first networking meeting. It immediately caught the eye of someone who first loved the design, the name, and then started thinking about how great it would be to market her anti-oxidant coffee product in this stylish packaging. She bought one and took it away, her mind whirring with possibilities.

Also a small caterer is considering how she can use The Tin of Sin to package some of her delightful home-baked goodies when she displays at summer fayres, adding value to her delicious treats, instantly turning them into unique gifts, one part to last just a moment on the tongue, and another providing a lasting memento.

It is early days, and the steps are just baby ones, but we at Tin of Sin HQ are pleased at early reactions, and look forward to more interaction, and fun with our followers on Twitter and fans on Facebook.

For the charity event The Tin of Sin was filled with delicious treat foods:

Hand-iced logo cookies from Custom Cookie Company

The scrummiest handmade fudge ever from Mummy Makes… 

Amazing fruit and nut biscotti from Jane’s Cakes