This blog marks the start of a case study on marketing a single product – The Tin of Sin.

What is the Tin of Sin?

Tin of Sin - SM image - closedWhen I first saw the devishly stylish Tin of Sin I was intrigued.

My new friend Laura explained the story behind her product.

While working in one of the UK’s leading investment houses, Laura needed somewhere to keep the office sweets and biscuits that gathered on desks after colleagues had been on holiday, when there were birthdays, Friday treats, or ‘just because’.

Labelling an old battered biscuit tin with the words “The Tin of Sin” she created something that soon attracted attention and became the subject of fascination by both colleagues and clients alike.

Recognising that she had created a concept, Laura went on to get her Tin of Sin designed, stylishly branded and manufactured as a quality product.

But when Laura’s entrepreneurial career took a different turn, she no longer had time to devote to marketing the product and so it remained largely undiscovered.

That is until I was visiting Laura at her office and it caught my eye.

The case study

Tin of Sin - SM image cropped - open with sweetsSoon Laura and I had entered into an agreement for me to use The Tin of Sin as a case study, taking the product from obscurity and testing the ‘word of mouth’ marketing power of social media and networking groups.

This case study will chart the progress of marketing the Tin of Sin from scratch, with no budget, simply through social media and face to face networking. The only costs will be my time.

I have set up a brand new Twitter account @TheTinofSin and a Facebook business page I started posting just 2 days ago.

Please follow and like these accounts and help get them off the ground!

Even before launching the social media campaign, some have been sold as a result of the Tin of Sin being spotted by a visitor to my office.

Five were snapped up immediately as ‘must have’ gifts for those difficult to buy for friends who have everything! The concept was irresistible.

And this week The Tin of Sin will be launched at an event in aid of Lifeblood, The Thrombosis Charity, during National Thrombosis Week.

The Tin of Sin – a secret place for your indulgent treats, a naughty pleasure only you know about.

What will you keep in yours?