I recently took a few days break away from my normal life of work, domesticity and inland living and I headed for the seaside.  Whenever I am in need of a ‘fix’ I know that it is the sea that will do it for me.

So I drove to St Ives in Cornwall and I spent a few days exploring the old fishing port, walking along the beachfronts and around the harbour, just taking in the sea air, indulging in fresh seafood delights and generally drawing the energy I needed from my coastal surroundings.  The sun was shining and the shallow waters on white sands were fresh, pure and turquoise, contrasting with the darker blue over rugged rocks and in deeper water.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making some changes to my website and I have been paying particular attention to the use of my brand colours.  When I first set up I had chosen the colours that most uplift me, the blues and the turquoise of the sea.  I am delighted that my new website brings out the strength of these colours, consistent with my existing logo and colour branding used on business cards and stationery.  But this is not just what I think looks nice, it is an important part of building customer recognition and supports my business values.

It is said that consistent use of brand colour, leads to trust and customer loyalty.

Colour psychologists describe turquoise as a friendly and happy colour, enjoying life, completely in line with my mission to help you rediscover the fun in your own business.  It combines the calm of blue, the new growth of green, and the uplifting energy of yellow.  Instinctively it was the perfect colour for conveying the message of who I am and what I do.

It is said that the positive attributes of turquoise lead to fresh ideas and efficiency, qualities that I am proud to bring to my work providing business management services.  Combined with the calmness and communicative qualities of the blue, turquoise is said to encourage clear thinking and decision-making, with the ability to weigh up the pros and cons, and to identify the way forward to success.

So I could not resist the ceramic sculpture of an Ammonite I found in one of the many art galleries, tucked away in the narrow streets of St Ives.  The spiral form of this long extinct marine creature, recreated exactly in ‘my’ shades of turquoise and blue, reminds me of the sea and now has pride of place in my home office, a tangible reminder of the qualities I aspire to in everything I do.

Do you have an inspirational symbol which motivates you?  What messages do your branding colours convey?  I would love to read your thoughts, so please do leave me a comment.