Best projectI’ve spent my life prioritising other people, and other people’s feelings, over my own.

Do I want a medal? No, this is not something to be proud of…

This approach meant that I was constantly torn in different directions, in my personal life and in my business life. How many number one priorities can one person have?

I notice this trait in many of the people, mainly women, that I meet. It may be a product of our conditioning, or maybe it’s instinctive, I don’t know!

A lovely lady I met for the first time last week was suffering with fatigue from being all things to all people. She could not find a way off this merry-go-round of people pleasing. The only one who wasn’t pleased was herself.

As a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser I know this feeling only too well. It’s a hard habit to break.

My change of attitude came following recent trying times – poor health (now fully recovered), stress at home, the sudden breakdown of a long relationship, and the resultant life changes that came with that, moving house, legal proceedings etc, all took a toll.

No longer could I choose to put anyone but myself first. It was a question of survival.

But now I am thankful for those experiences, the catalysts to change.

I have spent time working on really getting to know myself again, finding out what makes me tick, what brings me joy, and doing it! 

How on earth did I think I could give the best to other people… in particular my social media management clients, if I wasn’t giving the best to myself.

The best project I’ve ever worked on is me.

As a result of putting myself first, I can give my best to my clients, it just flows through. I am no longer torn in different directions, and I am not constantly worrying about whether I have done ‘enough’!

And my message to that lovely lady. if she is reading this blog, is… “You are worth it”!