Sassy Social Deep Dive

If you have time and are keen to manage your business online presence and customer communications in house rather than outsource it, you may instead wish to improve your effectiveness to reach your target audience and generate leads.

Book a one-to-one Sassy Social Deep Dive Session with Sassy Social Marketing.

Following an in depth audit of your accounts, we will spend 3 hours with you, entirely focused on you and your business, with practical hints and tips on how you can improve your profiles, and your communications with your customers and peers.

Our one-to-one deep dive session will focus on the specific improvements we can make together on your accounts. You will also go away with an understanding of how you can be more effective in your ongoing communications to achieve your goals.

No two sessions will be the same, and the work we will do is specific to you, your business and your own social media accounts.

Our Process

  • When you book your deep dive session, let us know your choice of up to 3 platforms to focus on in your 3 hours: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Email Marketing or Blogging.
  • Provide us with all your social media account links, including your website link if you have one, so that we may prepare in advance of our meeting, reviewing your accounts and planning specific changes.
  • We will prepare to coach you, with practical hints and tips for you to get better results from the time you spend on your online customer communications in the future.
  • One 3 hour deep dive session, in a mutually convenient location, with wifi access so that we may make immediate improvements to your chosen social media accounts.

You will go away with renewed enthusiasm and a practical understanding of what you can do to raise your profile and get more leads from the valuable time you spend on social media.