Bring happiness to others This wasn’t the blog post I thought I would be writing this morning, but it is one I am so happy to write.

When I woke this morning and heard that it was UN International Day of Happiness it started my day off with a wonderful happiness boost. I just had to spread the word.

I posted early morning ‘Happy Day’ wishes on my Twitter and Facebook account and that of my clients, and people loved it. We started getting happy messages back and retweets too.

Find happiness for yourselfIt made me realise how much this meant to so many people.

The UN has made happiness ‘A global priority’.

“A profound shift in attitudes is underway all over the world. People are now recognising that ‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy at all costs.”

Multiply your happiness“Our focus for International Day of Happiness is on bringing happiness to others. Creating a happier society requires action at all levels – not just from political leaders and institutions but also from us as individual citizens. When we do things to bring happiness to others, everyone benefits. It helps the people we connect with, boosts our own well-being and also inspires others to be more caring and positive too.”

I couldn’t agree more. Anyone who knows me knows how it has taken me a while to find my true direction with my business, but now that I am doing what makes me most happy, I find that people around me are happier too.

Pursue your own happinessI have also noticed that my clients tend to be people who spread happiness with their products and service. And it delights me to be communicating that happiness to their customers through social media, email marketing and blogging.

Happyness wellness

Happiness is good for your health, and good health and happiness is good for your business.

Yes, of course I have seen the ‘what have we got to be happy about?’ messages out there today. But I’m not focusing on them.

I’m focusing on being happy, and helping my clients spread their happiness too.

Happiness is our business!

Please do leave me a comment – only happy ones are allowed today!