A request to talk about some travel insights you say?

When my friend – Paula Gardner, of Scarlet Thinking – and fellow member of London business club Sister Snog asked me to share some memories of my travel experiences, I think she already knew this was one of my favourite subjects!

How kind to indulge me…

I was asked some pretty specific questions, and you know what? It really stumped me for a while.

Sassy Social Marketing, scuba memoriesI’ve had some amazing travel experiences… I’ve been very fortunate: Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Australia, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, and there have been many modes of transport – seaplane, helicopter, budget and scheduled airlines, cruise ship, liveaboard diveboat, to name a few.  So there were a lot of amazing memories to sift through.

But when it came down to it, my big passion for scuba diving came to the fore. So many of my answers are connected to that wonderful hobby in some way.

I’m most myself when I’m beside the sea. Even better when I’m in it and scuba diving. I find it so relaxing and almost meditative on leisurely dives, yet exciting and exhilarating on more challenging dives in fast currents. I just love being on boats, on the beach, paddling in the shallows, or floating in the warm waters… and then there’s the seafood too. Wow, I’m in heaven!

Thank you to Travel Producer for sharing my ‘personal travel insights’.

PS: the photo of the clownfish and anemone is one of my own… happy memories of a scuba trip in the Maldives.

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