They say you shouldn’t look back, except to see how far you have come.

Words of wisdom like these make great soundbites, a meme to pin on your Pinterest board, something you can relate to in the moment. Also an important reminder to look back every now and again, and celebrate what you have achieved. Just don’t forget to turn back around and keep moving forward, or as someone said to me this week, in relation to my Sassy Social Marketing relaunch, ‘keep turning corners’.

When I look back on my working life I realise that what has worked well for me as a social marketer, and in my previous work in corporate executive suites, has been to apply my transferrable skills and strategic thinking to each individual role, bringing insights and experience as well as an aptitude to learn the specifics of the business and its sector.

Looking back at who I have worked with, the variety is clear, yet common themes emerge. At times I have had a cluster of businesses in the same niche area, but I don’t consider myself a niche marketer.

The more important factors for me in successful client relationships are:

  • They inspire me. I have only worked with clients who I’ve known I can make a real difference for. The marketing ideas are sparking, I can already spot stories in their business, and I’m excited to demonstrate how good social marketing can bring rewards for their business.
  • They have a customer focus. Great customer service is key, and in today’s operating climate, social marketing is in the frontline of nurturing relationships with customers, both before and after the initial purchase, and in building loyalty which leads to repeat sales.
  • I understand their needs. I also understand the needs of their customers, where, when and how to reach them with content and language that they will relate to.

If I am not feeling those things, I don’t work with them. If there is no rapport, the work will not bring me the joy I seek in my businesses.

What kind of businesses have I worked with?

Food related – food festivals, gift food producers, health food producers, café/restaurant, baker, farmers market.

Baby products – a few different brands of baby care products including baby carriers, innovative baby bottles/teethers, baby skincare products.

Health and Beauty sector – clinical grade beauty clinic, health/fitness psychology, fitness coaches, psychotherapist.

Retail sector –artists, personalised gifts, jewellery/accessories shop, designer scarves, gift shop.

Professional B2B – leadership organisation, business networking organisations, events organiser, research analyst, business coaches, telemarketing company, business book author, telephone answering service, IT/web developer.

Property – high end property developer (B2C), high end bathroom design (B2B), estate agent, property staging company for sales/lets.

Digital – audiobook app.

Animals – cattery/kennels, animal hydrotherapy unit.

Charity/not for profit (volunteer roles) – family support, farmers market.

It’s good to look back and see how far I have come in my freelance years.

Why don’t you do the same, and take a moment to celebrate what you have achieved?