Storytelling is a timeless, ageless skill.

Most of us will remember how we sat as children at story time, cross-legged on the floor entranced by a good storyteller. Even those little fidgets with a short attention span were drawn in, completely captivated.

And what about that book you just can’t put down, reading ‘just one more’ chapter late into the night. The power of a compelling story is absolute.

Just leave it with me - story tellingBut it is not just the story itself, it is the way it is told. Storytelling is a powerful skill.

A story well told establishes an intense connection between the audience and the message.

Advertisers have long known this truth.

Leaders in religion, politics and business have long been tapping into the power of storytelling to engage and influence their audience. And strategic storytelling is used to change attitudes and behaviours.

Good storytellers are also good listeners. They know what their audience wants to hear, or what they are open to hearing, even if they don’t know it themselves.

We use stories not just to entertain, but to inform. A business presentation full of facts, statistics and figures will soon be forgotten by the majority. But one with a story that fires the imagination inspires action.

Good stories make us think.

Good stories make us feel.

Good stories help us to understand and remember concepts.

We all know that ‘People buy from people’ yet so many choose to hide behind their business and fail to reveal themselves in this powerful way.

Your own stories are the key to your USP to be conveyed in your marketing messages.

Business networking, social media marketing and blogging give us all a perfect opportunity to tell our stories, impacting our business through the social connections we make.

We have the opportunity to share our knowledge, not through pushing information out, but by pulling them in with a story.

I’m often heard making the definition between ‘broadcast media’ and ‘social media’… it’s called social media for a reason.

As social creatures we respond to what we connect with, and we connect with those who share their narrative. 

Author Annette Simmons defines 6 storytelling themes:

  • Who I am stories
  • Why I am here stories
  • Teaching stories
  • Vision stories
  • Values in action stories
  • I know what you are thinking stories.

We all have these within us.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” Ira Glass