… which is a bit of a relief really, for most of us imperfect human beings anyway.

As Albert Einstein so wisely said ‘Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.’  This must be particularly true of new business owners.

Of course we all try to plan and avoid mistakes, but the fear of making a mistake can be inhibiting and a major cause of ‘analysis paralysis’.

So a mistake is not in itself a bad thing, what happens next is what matters. Make it an opportunity to learn and correct that mistake with something better.  This experiential learning can be a source of competitive advantage.

My mistake when starting up my new business was adopting a job title that didn’t work for me.  My vision was to draw on all my skills and corporate experience to offer outsourced business management support to small and medium sized businesses, but I didn’t seem to fit anywhere obvious, not being a specialist with a job title such as an accountant or an HR Manager.

So I slipped on the title of Virtual Assistant, which I wore like an ill-fitting jacket for a few months.  Every time I heard a networking group leader tell small business owners that they should get a VA to answer their calls, or do some typing for them… ‘someone like Alyson’, I cringed and wanted to cry out ‘that’s not what I do!’.

I also don’t believe that it is a fair reflection of the many highly skilled VA’s I have met who offer a range of support services, but it planted a seed of doubt. If I have to keep explaining what I am not, then maybe I have made a mistake using a title that leads to such misunderstanding.

It was my mistake, not theirs.  I had blurred the message and had not clearly defined who I am and what I do.  I was trying to be all things, to all people.

Quickly acknowledging this I realised that it was okay to have made the mistake, but it would not be okay if I didn’t put it right, and learn from it.

So, I am now pleased to announce the launch of my new website www.justleaveitwithme.com and introduce Ltd – effective business management services, offering practical day-to-day solutions that make a difference to a project or process, working in partnership with clients to find more structured and effective internal processes to meet the demands of managing their business and planning for the future.