A Business Manager is someone who works with a business owner, managing the business functions, freeing their client to focus their time and energy on growth and expansion of the business, and the things only they can do.

This is an involving role so a Business Manager will typically work with only 3 or 4 clients at a time, taking responsibility for specific business functions and project management areas. This may involve managing a team of outsourced support professional service providers, such as a Virtual Assistant, a Book-keeper, and a Web Manager or, in some cases, the employed staff.

Characteristics of a Business Manager

A Business Manager is someone who…

  • treats the client’s business as if it were their own, using inclusive language which conveys their sense of belonging, such as ‘What we need to do next…’ , demonstrating full engagement
  • takes a bigger picture strategic approach, rather than being task focused
  • understands the business goals and how these will be achieved
  • is skilled at project management, operations management and people management
  • will act as a sounding board, and help brainstorm business ideas
  • will not be afraid to speak up, share ideas and challenge the business owner
  • looks for ways to build and grow the business
  • looks for ways to save overhead costs
  • will make sound business decisions within their area of responsibility without referring to the business owner
  • will handle other team members’ questions and queries, making operational decisions on the business owner’s behalf
  • will present a drafted letter or article for review even before the business owner knows the item is required, giving them a head start in the thought process and saving previous time
  • listens to their instincts and takes a coaching approach to finding solutions
  • has a commitment to continued learning.

Above all a Business Manager is someone who adds value.

To achieve results it is vital that the client and the business manager make an initial ‘connection’ and speak the same language, in order that the trust will build and the benefits will follow.

Do you like the sound of this, but are not sure how to start?

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Will employing a Business Manager be your next business growth decision?

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