This week, I welcome Amanda Weller, guest blogging for me, with her thoughts on communication.

Amanda wellerAmanda is a highly qualified BodyTalk Practitioner and Reflexologist. She practices through her own business, Quantum Being, based in Surrey.

Many months ago, Alyson invited me to do a blog for her.  What to write, I wondered… Then it struck me.

We are both in the business of communication,  Alyson in helping her clients communicate with their customers, and me working with the intricate body/mind communication of my clients.

Communication is key.  Take Twitter.  I have recently decided that I am going to start using it more effectively. The first thing I realised was that in the past, although I posted tweets, there was relatively little communication between me and other users.

And really, if you think about it, it’s all about communication between people. It is ‘social’ media after all – the clue is in the name!  It becomes fun when exchanges start to happen, and starts to flow.

I also realised that I absolutely can’t bear users who SHOUT. They are those who clearly set their tedious tweets to go out with irritating regularity and repetition and the result is that they drown out the others in my twitter community who I’d rather hear from but who tweet more subtly and whose voices get lost in the aggressive ‘me, me, me’ barrage.

Such a twitter feed is clearly imbalanced, can cause irritation and annoyance to the extent that, in my case, I ‘unfollow’ quickly and that potential communication is ended. Such a relentless stream of tweets can turn off the potential audience extremely effectively – well, in my case, clearly, it does.  If you are at a party, no-one wants a single person to shout at everyone else.  The give and take and balance of normal communication has been lost.

So it is with our body / minds.  Sometimes we don’t listen to the more subtle messages our amazing systems try and send us, and if this happens repeatedly, the result is that symptoms get ‘louder’ until we are finally forced to stop and take notice. In effect these loud symptoms are YOUR system trying to grab your attention – they are shouting at you because you have not been listening to the more subtle cries for attention.  If you start listening, it’s amazing what can happen, those symptoms you finally were unable to ignore, like the loud voice at the party, disappear.  There is no need for them any more.  It’s all about communication and balance.

So, if your Twitter feed is driving you nuts, or you are not getting the results you would like, ask Alyson to help you sort it out.  If your body/mind is not functioning on some level in the way that you would like, if you have aches or pains, or are stressed or anxious,  if you are feeling overwhelmed or just not ‘right’,  then get in touch with me. Sometimes our internal lines of communication lose their way and a reminder of those forgotten routes can help the body / mind to repair itself.  And when everything flows better, we feel better, no shouting needed.

Quantum beingAmanda is a BodyTalk Practitioner and a Reflexologist.

Find out more about her and her business Quantum Being: