I’ve been rather low key on my business social media for a while now, while working on a full time interim employed contract, as well as supporting my Non-Executive Director client on a freelance basis, as it simply felt disingenuous to keep posting and attracting new business I couldn’t take on.

I’ve continued posting on my personal profile, and have been particularly enjoying my Instagram profile. Sometimes it is good to step back to appreciate what you have!

But this morning I engaged more fully on Twitter than I have done for a while and it was fun, in a week when I have been defending social media, to join #Surreychat, where nice people were being nice to each other. Good business and social connections, having conversations and supporting one another. I was also tagged into an unconnected tweet mentioning me as one of the people whose thoughts and posts were valued by that person. It felt inclusive, and I like that.

When I shared my thoughts on this, a fellow tweeter responded so brilliantly:

“Blaming social media [for the trolling] is like blaming the car for the bad driving.”


I so agree. Don’t get me wrong, the trolling is all kinds of nasty and there is no excuse, but I don’t feel it is fault of the social media platforms any more than it is the fault of the car for the bad driving.

So, I’m back on my Facebook page, and my Twitter profile and I look forward to enjoying positive, supportive dialogue with you. I will also be re-introducing my world of work into my Instagram grid.

Let’s work together to continue the good things about social media and ignore the bad drivers. Just scroll on… and where possible delete/hide/block those who don’t seem able to be nice.

Are you with me?