When I first came across the Holstee Manifesto I was struck by the truth and the motivational impact of these words:

“This is your life, do what you love, and do it often…”

I was at a turning point in my business and I knew that there was more ‘love’ to be found within my work. I had great clients, I enjoyed working with them, and I enjoyed making a difference to their business lives.

But I started realising that there is one part of my work which really makes my heart sing like no other. And that is writing.

I also noticed that my clients often find it difficult to express their ideas through written words. Sometimes they are just too close to the subject to communicate it in a way that is accessible to their audience. Sometimes they just can’t find the words.

Do what you loveOnce I started focusing on what I love best in my work I realised the fantastic experience I have had drafting business papers, staff communications, speeches and letters for the Chairmen and Chief Executives I have had the pleasure of writing for over the years.

I had brought this experience into academic writing when studying for my Executive MBA, and my high marks came not just for the content of my papers, but for the fact that the examiners enjoyed reading my work.

I realise that I even get a little excited when I do my research, get to the nub of a complex issue and find a way of re-presenting the concept so that it is both informative and engaging. I get a real sense of satisfaction from this achievement!

It has taken a while longer for me to realise that this is exactly what many business owners need and want.

They value my ability to take their ideas and use my writing skills to engage with their own clients and prospects. It is time consuming for them to think of things to Tweet about, to draft newsletters and write blog posts themselves. As a result, these things slip down their priority list and they miss the opportunities to grow their business through written communications.

So my niche offering to my clients has taken shape. I now specialise in writing for businesses, managing their online communications to market their products and engage with their audience, in a strategic way that generates traffic to their websites and increases sales.

The business owner is the expert, and I am their writing partner to communicate their expertise and build interest in what they do.

I truly love what I do. And I love that my clients love what I do too!


If you are interested in the Holstee Manifesto, you will see below a photograph of their poster that hangs in my home office as a source of inspiration and a reminder to me of the power of words.

The story behind the Holstee Manifesto is well worth a read, click here to find out more.

Holstee Manifesto