‘It upsets me when I see women choosing the spectacles they least hate’. 

We had only just met and yet Helena Finden-Browne had summed up my attitude as a reluctant spectacle wearer with alarming accuracy. I had no choice any more but to give in and wear spectacles, so I had chosen exactly what I thought were the least offensive, most invisible pair… rimless granny specs from my regular optician’s shop, and I was not happy. But now all that has changed.

Through her business, Omneco Limited, Helena is the sole UK importer and distributor of Ronit Fűrst hand-painted designer spectacle frames. These are no ordinary spectacle frames but colourful, polka dot, stripey ‘eye candy’. These are ‘dare to be different’ spectacles.

So when fate intervened and my granny specs were nowhere to be found after a recent weekend away, I contacted Helena to arrange a one-to-one meeting with a fellow member of the Women In Business Network in Surrey, albeit from a different group. It was the perfect opportunity for me to find out about Helena and her business, and consider the possibility of a braver choice for my replacement glasses.

Helena showed me her marketing samples – an array of brightly coloured eyewear, creatively hand decorated by Israeli artist Ronit Fűrst and her team. Ronit founded a ceramic factory in 1986, producing uniquely designed crockery, but in 2002 when she needed to wear glasses herself, she was disappointed with the uncomfortable and boring options on the market, so set about creating ‘crazy frame’ designs.

And what crazy eye candy they are! Deliciously different, there is a perfect pair for everyone who dares to try them. I tried more than a dozen, picking my favourite colour and pattern combinations in a range of frame styles, but nothing was quite right until it was suggested I should try the predominantly orange colour.

Not a colour I would ever choose to wear, I was really only playing along, but ‘bingo’ these were the ones! Suddenly I discovered that I didn’t want to wear invisible, barely there glasses any more. I wanted to wear these multi-coloured, full of personality orange, green and turquoise frames with stripes of red on purple, and red dots on green.

And Ronit is right, these are so much more comfortable than my previous spectacles that I even forget I am wearing them, that is until I receive one of those compliments that wearers of Ronit Fűrst spectacles come to recognise as the norm!

No wonder Helena is so passionate about this exciting range of eyewear that she imports and distributes to upmarket opticians, bringing Ronit’s ‘unique and joyful eyewear experience’ to the UK.

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