14 11, 2018

Loyalty and Goodwill in Small Business

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I've been thinking about loyalty and goodwill in small business lately. These thoughts were sparked by two recent incidents and my reactions to them. First of all let's have a think about these two words... quite big ones in my personal value system. Let's take a look at the dictionary definitions. Loyalty The quality of [...]

20 01, 2015

The best project

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I've spent my life prioritising other people, and other people's feelings, over my own. Do I want a medal? No, this is not something to be proud of... This approach meant that I was constantly torn in different directions, in my personal life and in my business life. How many number one priorities can one [...]

15 05, 2013

Keeping the fun in fundraising

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To help raise the profile of the work of Lifeblood, the Thrombosis Charity in National Thrombosis Week 2013, Just leave it with me sponsored an evening of fun, fashion, fundraising and foodie treats. A room full of women, of all ages, shapes and sizes, and a show of High Street fashions with plenty of summer [...]

24 04, 2013

Doing more by doing less

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I have spent my life organising other people. Diary management was never a problem to me, I made sure I could fit in everything that the CEO needed and wanted to do.  I even managed to schedule some time for reading and thinking. In those days some described me as a time management magician... an [...]

13 03, 2013

The time is always right to do what is right

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Yesterday's blog post Doing good is good for your small business explored why Social Corporate Responsibility is not just for large organisations, and gave some tips to consider in your own small business. Sadly, but not surprisingly, charitable support has declined over the last few years, mirroring economic market conditions.  But as Martin Luther King Jr [...]

12 03, 2013

Doing good is good for your small business

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We tend to think of Corporate Social Responsibility as something that big business does. But have you considered why doing good might be good for your small business too? Corporate Social Responsibility can be defined as "A company's sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) in which it operates" (www.businessdictionary.com) [...]

5 03, 2013

Your unconscious brand

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I'm delighted to welcome Just leave it with me's guest blogger, Sandra Collins, who today shares her 7 steps to building a 'personal brand'. Sandra spent 20 years in corporate life, working with sales, leadership and coaching. Over the years she developed a real desire to combine her passion for developing and coaching people with [...]