My previous blog ‘Have you ever considered a Business Manager?’ was written with the curious business owner in mind.

It was my response to the ‘Are you a Virtual Assistant?’, ‘Are you a Management Consultant?’, questions I am asked from time to time, and sets out the key characteristics of who I am, as a Business Manager.

I boldly stated that ‘Above all a Business Manager is someone who adds value’ and that to achieve results it is vital that the client and the business manager make an initial ‘connection’ and speak the same language, in order that the trust will build and the benefits will follow.

So now I am asking ‘Are you ready to hire a Business Manager?’

The answer might be ‘Yes’ if:

• you already have a successful, growing business in an established niche area, with a steady revenue stream and plenty of ideas to continue building on the foundations you have in place;
• You have clear, achievable goals in your sights for the next one, three or five years, and a plan to achieve them;
• you have plenty of passion and vision for your business, but lack time and enthusiasm for implementation and management;
• you have already hired contractors who make up a ‘virtual team’ assisting with the day-to-day requirements of your business, such as a Virtual Assistant, a Book-keeper, a Web Manager, or maybe you have some employees. But now you spend too much of your time managing them and coordinating their roles and functions;
• you would welcome another perspective from someone who is not afraid to question, to challenge, and who cares about your business as much as you do;
• you are ready to let go of some of the control, and delegate to someone you trust to make sound judgements and take responsibility;
• you know that your time and skills are much better focused on bringing in new business, development of new product ideas, and providing the vision, leadership and direction.

Have you reached the trigger point in your business?

Do you have a project in mind that could be used as a trial for working with a business manager?

Do you have a Business Operations Manual in place? If not, you should have… and this is a great starting project for a business manager to get to know you and your business, and for you both to test the working relationship.

Please do leave a comment below, or contact me for a free consultation.