When I was approached by journalist and copywriter Marina Gask, to tell my story for a feature in Prima Magazine I barely hesitated before saying ‘Yes’.

Prima sittingThe feature entitled ‘Our New Year reinventions’ was to be about 4 women who have transformed their lives in 2015.

My story was a simple one, but one that many people might relate to. And if sharing it would help just one person at the beginning of a similar journey, then why not?

So there it is, I decided to share the story of how the rug was pulled from under me and life as I knew it disappeared in just one twist of fate… my decision to check a phone I didn’t even know I would be able to access.

All my hopes, dreams, security and plans for the future shattered when I discovered my husband’s longstanding affair. The revelations didn’t stop there, and it seems I barely knew this man I thought I knew so well and had loved for so many years. He’d managed to assure me he was happy, while choosing another way of life that was undermining everything we had.

But that’s not the story for the Prima Magazine feature, it merely sets the scene. What Marina shared in her sensitive writing, following careful questioning, was the story of my recovery from a very dark place that I visited, and struggled to leave.

What this feature celebrates, is what happened next. My story was about how I transformed my life in 2015 and ‘found my happy’. It’s a feel good article about how I rediscovered my peace, and a joy for life that I now realise had succumbed to the underlying stress some while before my big discovery.

A massive thanks from me to Marina for choosing the right words to help me lay the past to rest, to celebrate the present, and share my excitement for all the future holds in my personal life, and my professional life with Sassy Social Marketing.

I’m happier, stronger, and more appreciative of my life than ever before. I laugh often, and love wholeheartedly.

As my wonderful divorce coach, Rhiannon Ford, said to the ghost of me at our first meeting in 2013:

“You won’t believe this now, but you will come out the other side, and life will be good.”

And if you are reading this, experiencing something similar. Please believe me, life is GREAT on the other side.

Prima January 2016

Prima Magazine, January 2016 (in the shops now!)