When I am asked what my area of expertise is, it is tempting to say JFDI.  In polite society this of course translates as Just Flippin’ Doing It.

But I prefer GTD.  I am an expert in Getting Things Done.  So what does this mean for my clients?

1) Implementation and project management 

It means that when you have been given all sorts of great advice and hot tips, and are buzzing with ideas, there’s someone who is going to help you determine the value in these concepts and what you need to implement.  Someone to take charge and translate your ideas into a project plan, ensuring that the process, people and resources all come together to produce the desired outcome in the agreed timescale.  GTD.

 2) Business metrics

It means that when you are busy working with clients, selling your product or service, there is someone tracking the key statistics for your business, flagging and discussing trends and patterns.  How do you know which areas to target for growth, and which lines to drop, if you don’t know what is selling well and when, and what is not?  With someone taking care of the metrics of your business you will.  GTD.

3) Website and social media management

It means that someone is managing your website and social media marketing, ensuring copy is kept up-to-date, and working with your web-tech people to ensure that all the buttons and links are working and new offers and updates are posted in a timely fashion.  GTD.

The role of a business manager is to support your business growth through just getting things done, whatever those things are, leaving you to do the things only you can do.