The power of the pause

Ever think someone is trying to tell you something? In various forms, from various sources, I have received one message very loudly, and very clearly recently - the power of the pause. “Music is the space between the notes.” French composer Claude Debussy expressed it so well. The spaces between the notes add expression, allowing [...]

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Treat each day like the sunrise

I was visiting Covent Garden in London this week to meet up with my former employers from 1984-1988, my formative years straight from college. We had arranged to meet for lunch and, as you might suspect, there was much reminiscing about the old days, when I was only the third employee in their small but [...]

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Expertise fatigue

Have you noticed that everyone seems to be an expert these days? A while ago I was impressed, and slightly overawed, by many of these experts. Then I was impressed more with their ‘front’ than their expertise. I had started noticing that some ‘experts’ in the same field were offering diametrically opposing advice, and so [...]

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